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Animus Blade Defensio
ceiba – cypress – fir – cypress – ceiba Gr: 85 Thickness: 6,0 Animus adds Defensio, a 5 plies of all-wood blade with great feeling and precision, to its other defensive blades Saturnus 6+3, Victoria 1 and Victoria 2. A 2.8 mm fir core,...
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130,00 € *
Animus Blade Ianus series 2 - combi Schuster
rosewood, carbon, balsa, cypress, limba Gr: 73 Thickness: 5,6 Erich Schuster tells how his idea of this "combi" blade started: "My idea was the following: usually combi blades have a soft wood on backhand and carbon on forehand. I...
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120,00 € *
Animus Blade Venus series 2
cipress, cipress, cipress, fir, cipress, cipress, cipress Gr: 93 Thickness: 6,1 OFF quite rigid blade, 7-ply all wood. The soul of fir gives great dynamism and precision, the 6 layers of cypress accentuate the ball touch and sensitivity...
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120,00 € *
Animus Blade Neptunus VTR series 4
kotò, glass fiber, limba, AYOUS, limba, glass fiber, kotò Gr: 85 Thickness: 5,8 This is a very versatile blade joining the already existing Neptunus series. The feeling of the ball increases thanks to a new glass fiber glued to two...
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140,00 € *
Animus Blade Terminus serie 1 ZLC
limba, kotò, Zylon Carbon, AYOUS, Zylon Carbon, Kotò, limba Gr: 88 Thickness: 5,9 This blade was designed in cooperation with an important Eastern Europe trainer and seller. Great dynamism and precision in fast shots was looked for...
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170,00 € *
Animus Blade Vulcanus serie 4 TXT
ceiba, Carbon TXT, Ayous, Carbon TXT, ceiba Gr: 80 Thickness: 6 Evolution of the Vulcanus 1, this blade contains great power thanks to the center in 3.5 mm ayous and excellent capacity of parabola with the DYF1515 carbon mounted at 45°....
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120,00 € *
Animus Diana Series 3 Rosewood | ALL++
rosewood, cipress, kiri, cipress, rosewood Gr: 87 Thickness: 6,4 Control Speed Parabola An elegant ALL++ 5-plies blade. It has been by using a 4 mm Kiri – Pawlonia core together with a thin Cypress layer and an external layer of precious...
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Animus Diana Series 2 Limba | OFF-
Off – / Fast Elastic limba, cypress, Canadian cedar, cypress, limba Gr: 89 Thickness: 6,4 Control Speed Parabola 5-ply OFF-blade; the precious Canadian red cedar gives very good stability and precision; the Limba – Cypress combination...
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