STIGA Blade Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition

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Produktinformationen "STIGA Blade Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition"


Elasticity Stiff
Material Wood + Carbon fiber
Style Off+
Technologies Diamond Touch, Textreme
Veneer 5+2
Control 46
Speed 142


Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition is the result of years of development in search of a carbon blade with the ultimate balance between classic wood feel, known as the "STIGA feeling", and carbon fabric development. We have developed and designed Dynasty Carbon together with World- and Olympic champion Xu Xin, to create a blade especially for the omniscient player who masters all elements of Table Tennis. The Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition uses a newly developed Swedish made and patented carbon technology which makes the carbon fabric as stable and strong near the edges as in the middle, without affecting the overall balance and weight of the blade. This new Carbon technology is called TeXtreme+. TeXtreme+ draws from the original TeXtreme Spread Tow Carbon Technology and consists of an advanced, super thin carbon fiber fabric that maximizes the strength-to-weight ratio. Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition is built with a thick middle veneer which enhances the core feeling and overall balance of the blade. The outer veneer is Koto, chosen for its quality and short in-game dwell time in comparison to more traditional outer veneers. This blade which combines superb touch with unbeatable power, gives you the possibility to be as creative, technical and powerful as Xu Xin. Dynasty Carbon Xu Xin Edition includes a signature of Xu Xin and features a uniquely designed lens by Xu Xin and his wife and former Chinese National Team player Yao Yan, describing their love story.
Größe: Master/konkav schmal
Hersteller: STIGA
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